Sunday, November 30, 2014

oh! there was ONE symptom.

I was wiping down the cook top on the stove and the glass cleaner spray smelled so intense I took a step backward. And this is WITH a stuffy nose from my cold.

It made me remember that last night, at the grocery store, I could smell the bananas from like 20 feet away. They smelled completely overripe, like black bananas, but didn't look like that. I could smell the citrus when I was shopping for lemons (which I didn't buy, by the way, because the store was selling them at four for three dollars - major rip).

Now, I started the estradiol yesterday so that COULD be why I have a heightened sense of smell, but I didn't really have that when I was taking the same stuff for priming. So, this might actually be a legit symptom.

I'll be interested to see what my hormone levels are on Wednesday.

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