Tuesday, November 25, 2014

day 2 embryo update.

Crazy day at work kept me from updating this until now, but here goes:

Posh Clinic typically calls with updates between 7:45 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Yesterday's call came at 8:33 a.m. Today, at 8:33, there was no call.

There wasn't one at 8:45 or 9, either.

I had this fear that I wasn't hearing anything because it was bad news, and they save the bad news calls for the end of the morning.

Then, at like 9:37, a voice mail popped up on my cell phone, for a call I'd missed 16 minutes prior. But here's the thing: I WAS SITTING BY THE PHONE THE ENTIRE TIME. The ringer was on. It just never rang.

The report was left on voice mail. As soon as she started giving it, I knew it had to be good news. They wouldn't deliver a bad news report over voice mail, right?

Our embryo (the Agony/Hope one) was at four cells and "looking good."

The four donor embryos were all at two to four cells and "moving along nicely."

At first I was like, "Why only two cells?" for the donors, but they weren't even thawed until after 8:45 yesterday. So it would make sense that they were a little bit behind. Either that, or one of the donor embryos is a two cell that isn't going to make it.

Regardless, this was good news to me. All four donor embryos survived the thaw! They were moving along nicely! OUR EMBRYO WAS AT FOUR CELLS!

Tomorrow will be the real test, though. I've never let my embryo progress to Day 3; they were always transferred at Day 2. I'm fully expecting to be told that it arrested. Of course, I'm also hoping that by some miracle of miracle, our little bugger makes it to blast.

Transferring one of each would be the best of both worlds. And if they both stuck? Just imagine what a story that would be!

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