Friday, March 13, 2015

to pee or not too pee...

...that is the question.

Despite all of my negative nelly-ness, Things Are Happening. I recognize the symptoms. The constant, dull, AF-type cramps in my lower back. The pressure over my groin area. Occasional twinges. Ridiculous thirst, no matter how much water I drink. The ginormous under-the-skin chin zit that appeared in what seemed like an instant.

This is what I told Mr. Hope: "I can't tell you if it's viable, but I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant."

There. I said it. The thing I wasn't planning on saying for fear that I would jinx things or end up feeling foolish if I was wrong. The mild cramping I felt the day of transfer? Could've been from the catheter. The implantation pinches I felt 1dp5dt? Could've been anything, really, including wishful thinking.

But this? Today? It's been constant from the time I woke up. Lots of pressure, lots of cramping. A weird headache. Exhaustion. Heartburn. Some of that could be from the progesterone. Not all of it.

A woman in my FB group POAS today and got a faint positive at 4dp5dt. I was thinking I would wait until Sunday. After all, I didn't get my BFP last cycle until 6dp5dt, and the embies we transferred this time were more compacted than those.

But now I don't know. Now I kind of want to POAS tomorrow.

I already bought a three pack of FRER. They arrived earlier this week. I ordered a slightly cheaper three pack that takes longer to ship at the same time, so they should be coming soon. So I have 6 FRER and two digis (one FR, one CB) at the ready.

To pee or not to be?

I can't decide.


  1. I would pee but I have no willpower. Hence the 4 pack of Cadbury Creme Eggs waiting for me to finish lunch. I won't eat them all or I would go into some sort of sugar coma...but one or maybe two will soon find their way into my tummy. The problem with the peeing though is all the squinting and "is that a line?" and early soul destroying false negatives. I always caved, but I think it drove me a little more bat-shit crazy than necessary! It certainly filled up my spare time! Good luck with whatever you choose, and when you do finally pee on a stick (because you have to sooner or later), I hope you get a whopper of BFP!

  2. I always pee obsessively, so I say go for it! But day 5 a negative is by no way conclusive, so don't be too bummed if it is negative! Everything is crossed for you!!!!