Friday, October 17, 2014

and so it begins (I hope).

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was bummed to see I'd only shed another .6 lbs. Which is better than yesterday, when I was actually up .2 lbs. That's just under 5 lbs. in four days, which is nothing to sneeze at, but the BFF has dropped EIGHT. (Yes, I am jealous. No, I won't apologize for that.)

Anyway, I've been following the EZ Diet pretty strictly, with precious few exceptions. Like, I had pumpkin polenta with dinner on Wednesday night, but couldn't figure out if course cornmeal was on the So-So List or the Bad List. Since polenta has a low glycemic load I'm thinking it's So-So, which I am allowed to have one to two times a week. Then yesterday I was at a work thing and got served a salad that was fine but dressing that had some sugar in it. I did the dipped-fork thing to limit how much I had - maybe a tablespoon of dressing total? - but you know, it's still got traces of sugar, which is definitely on the Bad List.

And I've been exercising at least five times a week, the kind that leaves me with sore muscles and, like today, dripping with sweat and red-faced for 30+ minutes afterward. I've also been getting enough sleep and drinking boatloads of water, so I was really, really hoping the slow-down was the result of an impending period. If I counted the thing that Dr. Smiles said wasn't a true period as my last one, I'd be due on Sunday.

Then something happened with work this morning that almost reduced me to tears, which was an odd (and oddly disproportionate) reaction. Was this PMS? Again, I was hoping.

Finally, about fifteen minutes ago, I went to the bathroom and saw it. Bright red spotting. The kind that says HELLO, YOUR PERIOD IS ABOUT TO ARRIVE.

So yay for that, and yay for getting blood work done this weekend, and for meeting with the infertility counselor on Monday, and getting this mo fo show on the road.

EDITED TO ADD: In less than an hour, the spotting turned to full-on flow. So, I'm officially in my priming cycle!

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