Wednesday, October 15, 2014

a different kind of two week wait.

The last time I saw Dr. Smiles, he prescribed a 10-day course of Provera to bring on a full period. According to him, my lining was too thick for me to have had a true period on CD18, as I'd believed. This was news to me, because I'd never had a three-day bleed that I didn't consider a period, even when I had an abnormally light one.

One of the nurses told me that with Provera, I could get a period anywhere from two days after starting it to up to two weeks after I finished it. Well, it's been almost a full week since I finished the Provera and nothing. Nada. I've felt some pressure, and a little cramping, but nothing that screams YOUR PERIOD IS COMING.

And of course, I want it to come, because I can't do anything until it does. Basically, the plan is that I get my period and then, after ovulation has been confirmed, I'll take estrogen for roughly 21 days to prime me for the cycle. And then I'll have to get another period before I can start stims.

My fear, of course, is that if things don't start picking up, I won't get a cycle in before Thanksgiving. And Posh Clinic shuts down for a while around the holidays. So if my body fails me (yet again), I might be looking at a January start date. NOT COOL, BODY. NOT COOL AT ALL.

In other news: Did you know that pre-shredded cheese is coated in potato starch? Yeah, so there goes that convenience on my new diet. On the upside, I'm finding it fairly easy to stick to the new diet (potato starch-coated cheese notwithstanding). This is what Mr. Hope and I have have been eating for breakfast: Egg & Chorizo Muffins. Super convenient and very tasty. The recipe says one is a serving, but we are not pixie people and have a hearty two each AM. (Think of it this way: there are only eight eggs used in 12 muffins, so one muffin doesn't even equal a full egg!)

P.S. As of this morning, I'm already down 4 lbs. And I know I'm not losing muscle, because I've been working out like a boss!


  1. I hope your body will cooperate. Congrats on the weight loss. I stopped eating shredded cheese from the bag when I found out they use almost like sawdust to coat it. I was always too lazy to shred it but it's really not hard.

    1. Really? Like sawdust? That's...gross. I should've known; it takes a LONG time for pre-shredded cheese to go bad!