Thursday, September 3, 2015


Baby's size: Large eggplant.

Next appointment: Today. More u/s and hopefully a 3D one!

Total weight gain: 57.4 lbs. However, I weigh slightly less than I did three weeks ago, so I'm not complaining.

Exercise: Minimal. Still struggling with pain/numbness in legs, not to mention swelling.

Sleep: Decent. Averaging 7-8 hours a night with the CPAP mask.

Food cravings: None.

Symptoms: Burping. Lots and lots of burping.

What I'm loving: Feeling Jellybean more regularly. Sometimes he kicks hard enough that it moves other things. Like, the other night I had my iPad on a pillow on my belly, and he kicked hard enough that the iPad jumped just a little.

What I'm not loving: My hands. They are swollen, stiff, numb, or in pain 100% of the time now, making even routine tasks difficult to complete.

What I'm looking forward to: This weekend. We have plans to do a lot of cleaning/purging in the house, and the closer we get to achieving our goals there, the better I'll feel.

Best moment this week: Last Thursday night I got in the pool for the first time since June...and discovered that preggos float. Like, literally FLOAT. It was crazy. And awesome.


  1. 28 weeks!! Yay!! The pool sounds amazing! I never got a chance to try it, but I wanted to! I do love the cleaning/purging, and then the shopping that goes after to fill that now empty space!! The pain in the hands sounds like a pain in the ass! I suppose there is only tylenol? Are there any physio things that help? I know a few stretches for RSI but more in the wrists and not so much in the hands so I doubt they would be helpful for you. On an unrelated and totally obnoxious advice giving note, at 28 weeks you can get the whooping cough vaccine which can pass on some protection to Jellybean (if you don't believe in such things or can't be immunized or you already know this just ignore this ass-vice). I only mention it because I got mine at 28 weeks (as early as I could get it) since I thought Bubs would come early, and shortly after we got home from the NICU whooping cough broke out in the community! Thankfully we haven't got it and hopefully we won't, but if you are in favor of vaccinating, it is something to think about. Something I am very glad I did at 28 weeks! And how cool is it that Jellybean can kick your iPad? That is awesome!! I never had that happen to me, since Bubs directed all her super powers against my bladder, but I would have loved to have seen that! Speaking of bladders...kegels. Seriously. Even having only a 2lb bubs and a c-section, my bladder control ain't what it used to be!! Ok, rambling over...must sleep...bubs will wake up soon!

    1. I'm bad about doing kegels and this morning I was reading about how I should be massaging my perineum and I'm like REALLY? MORE HOMEWORK?

      I'd actually gotten the TDAP vaccination the same day you posted this comment. Funny!

      As for the hands:

      I've had lymph massage, and that helps for like 12 hours. I've iced my wrists, I've tried heat, I've tried braces - the only thing that works is not using my hands and keeping them completely flat. Not really realistic. I am going to talk to my OB about using some prescription diuretics on occasion, because that did help somewhat. But we'll see. :)

  2. So sorry about the hands, I had that so bad last time, it SUCKS. Mine got better within 12 hours of delivery, hopefully yours does as well. Thinking of you!

    1. I am seriously hoping the pressure eases up 12 hours after delivery. Otherwise I'm not going to be able to hold my own kid!