Thursday, September 17, 2015


Baby's size: Large cabbage or cucumber.

Next appointment: 9/22 (had one today, too)

Total weight gain: 51.4 lbs. So, down 1.6 lbs. and lower than where I was in at 22w5d.

Exercise: Moving more. My busted knee is mostly healed, which helps. But beyond that, taking off some of the excess fluid has made it easier for me to function, period. There was a time not too long ago when I would barely be able to make it around the grocery store before my back started hurting or I'd get too huffy and puffy. It was scary! But yesterday, I went grocery shopping all by myself for the first time in a while, and I was fine. Didn't even have back pain.

Sleep: Same. Also, I started using this app that tracks my sleep and tells me how many apnea events I have each night. I average between two and four, which is actually pretty great as anything under five is considered "normal."

Food cravings: Carbs, but I'm watching them like the good little gestational diabetic I am.

Symptoms: Burping, farting, and now, a little round ligament pain. I feel SO attractive, I tell you what. On the upside: Had some colostrum leakage from both nips, which apparently is a good sign for those of us who want to put our kid on the boob.

What I'm loving: Reaching 30 weeks. I mean, it's crazy. There was a time I was convinced I'd have pre-eclampsia by 28 weeks. So this? This is huge. And at the risk of jinxing things, I seem to be holding steady. My BP is great on the meds, my sugars are controlled by diet alone, sleep apnea is clearly being treated, and so far I haven't spilled any protein in my urine. I'm starting to think I might actually make it to 36 weeks!

What I'm not loving: The fruitless search for a decent nursing bra. My band size increased slightly, so I'm a 46 now, but my cup size (if you go by measurements alone) puts me at a DDDD/G. Once again, I'm struck by an industry that doesn't seem to think fat women procreate. I'm looking for a bra with thick straps and a wide band that I know will give me support. So far, nothing. (Any suggestions?)

What I'm looking forward to: Childbirth class starts tomorrow, and then I have my first resale event on Saturday. Plus, there's more nesting to be done!

Best moment this week: My surprise shower was last Saturday (and I totally need to write about it). There was this point when I looked around at all of these women who were there for me, who had done so much for me (not just the shower but in life itself), and I felt so completely loved. And then in the same breath, overwhelmed by all of the love. But it was a really beautiful moment, to know that there were so many wonderful ladies that I could count on.


  1. Yay for a shower and generally feeling better! And 30 weeks...Woo-Hoo!!!

    Ugh. The dreaded search for good nursing bras! I am bigger this time, so I am in need of a couple new ones. I have a whole bunch of them in various sizes. Medela makes good ones, but on some styles the sizing is strange. Playtex are ok. I have heard you want to stay away from underwire because the contrictiveness can actually cause issues with milk production and those puppies need room haha. Try department store websites...JC Penney's, Kohl's, Macy's. And also maternity sites like Motherhood. Do your research, and my best advice is to order a bunch of different ones and see what is most comfortable for you, then ship the rest back. Just like regular bras, good nursing bras aren't going to be cheap but they are definitely worth it! Good Luck!!

  2. I'm happy for you! 30 weeks is a great milestone. I'm glad the fluid continues to come off. No advice on the bra. I have two from Motherhood Maternity, and I'm not impressed. Also one from Target and not impressed.

  3. 30 weeks!!! Yay!!! I am glad you are feeling better too!

    I got my nursing bras online from hotmilk. I love one (sports bra-esque), like the second (pretty lacy thing that wears like an underwire type), and the third (another sporty type) lied about the size but if it fit would be so comfy (hoping it will fit when I lose some weight)!! I also use a sports bra sometimes, though it is harder to keep the breast pads in place. Good luck!

  4. SO very awesome that you're feeling better!!!!