Thursday, July 23, 2015


Baby's size: Spaghetti squash. Really? I just made one for dinner last night and it was pretty big.

Next appointment: August 4.

Total weight gain: 57.2 lbs. No, that's not a typo. I put on nearly 20 lbs. in the week that I was away. I've already dropped 4.6 lbs. since I got home a day and a half ago, though, so I'm hoping more of the water/fluid drops away over the next week.

Exercise: I walked my ass off on this business trip. (My feet paid the price.)

Sleep: Getting somewhat better now that I have the CPAP. I'm dreaming again, at least when I use it. But I'm still having aches and pains that wake me up routinely, so it's not 100% yet.

Food cravings: Fruits and vegetables. A week of eating nothing but restaurant food and convention center catering will do that to you.

Symptoms: I'm feeling Jellybean flutter almost daily now. I love it. I smile every single time.

What I'm loving: Being home!

What I'm not loving: The crazy water weight gain. Between all of the sodium in the not-homemade food, the heat/humidity, and flying twice, I'm all kinds of messed up.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting back to a normal routine. I'm so glad this trip is over. I'm so glad that life is slowing down a smidge.

Best moment this week: Coming home to Mr. Hope and Precious Pup. It's so good to feel loved.


  1. Glad you are home again and with Mr. Hope and Precious Pup, and getting back into a normal routine! Your sleep situation improving is awesome! I hope you get as close to 100% as a pregnant lady can!! I was sleep deprived earlier in the week and have just caught up, and man, what a difference having enough sleep can make!!

    1. I know, right? Me without sleep is just disastrous.

    2. And I am sure everyone is telling you "just wait until the baby arrives" which is always nice to hear, because what?? Babies don't sleep the night through straight away?? No!