Wednesday, May 20, 2015

the weight of pregnancy.

Before I got pregnant, none of my doctors seemed concerned about my weight. I was the one freaking out. But they kept telling me, "Look, you can stand to lose some poundage, but your BP is good, your blood sugar is perfect, you don't have sleep apnea or anything like that. You're going to be fine."

So at some point in the TTC process, I stopped freaking out. I mean, yes, I was concerned about inflammation, so I ate a lot of avocados. And there was the three- to four-month period where I ate the EZ Diet and lost 20 lbs. and was all YAY, I AM LOSING AGAIN! But then our first pregnancy started to go south and the depression eating began. If the doctors told me nothing I ate was going to make a difference, why wouldn't I get a creamy pasta dish at the Italian restaurant? Why would I deny myself baked goods at Christmas?

When we miscarried (for those just tuning in, this was not due to anything I did or didn't eat, but chromosomal abnormalities), both Mr. Hope and I turned up the depression eating. I'm not going to lie; it was bad. Real bad. We basically ate whatever we wanted for a one-month period. And then, when we knew the next transfer was imminent, we started cleaning things up. But not nearly as hardcore as we did the first time around.

I was 45 lbs. up from my lowest weight when I got pregnant this time around. About 25 lbs. up from where I was the first time I got pregnant. And, as those of you who read this blog regularly know, it was my intention to not gain a single pound during the first trimester.

My body had other plans.

I bounced around in the same 4- to 5-pound range the first 8 weeks. Down, up, down, up. Nothing major. And then, in week 8, I started to put on weight. A lb. here, a lb. there. When I saw the OB for the first time, at almost 12 weeks, I was up 9 full pounds.


And then she took me off the HCTZ, which I knew would cause more gain. How much? Here, take a look:

Day 0 (first day I discontinued): 0 lbs.
Day 1: + 2 lbs.
Day 2: + 2 lbs.
Day 3: + 1.2 lbs.
Day 4: + 1 lb.
Day 5: + .6 lb.
Day 6: + .4 lb.
Day 7:  - 1.6 lbs.

You see that last entry? That -1.6 lbs.? That's not a typo. I really did drop 1.6 lbs. between yesterday and today. Not eating anything radically different. Not adding any more exercise. Just poof! Extra water bloat starting to fall off.

There is hope for me yet.

I went back for my BP check yesterday. Quick recap: it was a little high at the first OB appt., 144/88. Pre-pregnancy, my BP was always in the 120/70 range. So when Dr. Direct wanted to put me on BP meds, I asked her if we could wait a week to see what my body did off the estrogen.

It paid off. My BP yesterday was 136/84. High end of normal. Something we need to keep an eye on, but not something requiring medication at this time. (Virtual high five, y'all!)

Dr. Direct is not a fan of me weighing myself every day. I brought in an index card with the same recorded weights I typed above. She said, "What's this?" I explained it to her, and how I weigh myself the same time every morning, naked, after I've gone to the bathroom but before I've had anything to eat or drink. She just kind of looked at me.

Later in the appointment, she ripped the card in half in front of me. She said, "I need you to stop obsessing over your weight. You're pregnant. You're going to gain weight."

I tried to explain how I didn't want to gain anything in the first trimester, and yet here I was, 17 lbs. up (as of yesterday).

Dr. Direct said, "Look, you need to lose weight. So do I know. We know this. But you can't do anything about it while you're pregnant. You can't reduce. You can eat healthfully. You can move around. But that's it. You can't deal with your weight until that baby is no longer inside of you."

She told me to stop weighing myself every day. Obviously, I did not heed this advice. I've weighed myself nearly every day for the past six years. This is how I keep an eye on the bottom line. Make sure I'm not putting on too much weight. If I am up 6 lbs., I course-correct and eat super-clean until I take it back off. When I'm in weight-loss mode, watching the scale daily helps keep me motivated. It tells me that what I'm doing is working. (The only exception being when I'm weight-training; the first month of new muscle results in very few lbs. lost but clothes fitting more loosely, so I'm okay in the long run.)

I'm sure you're wondering, "If you're so obsessed with your weight, why didn't you lose it all before you got pregnant?"

It's not like I didn't try. I did. I've been losing significant weight for the past 6 years (hence the scale-watching). Sometimes I'm better at it than others. Depression plays a huge factor; when I'm in the hole, I have a really hard time caring about what I put into my body. And also: I'm a fat girl who unabashedly likes food. I like to cook it, I like to eat it. Because of this, I will never be thin. I'm okay with that. But I would like to get down to a 14/16 at some time in my life. That would make me really, really  happy.


Yesterday I ate 90% good and 10% not so good. Dessert was about 1/3 of a cup of chocolate pudding, some whipped cream on top, and a handful of animal crackers. Other than that, I ate a ton of protein, fiber, good fats, fruits, and vegetables. I drank water, herbal tea, decaf coffee, milk. This is my typical daily diet - mostly clean with a sweet thing or salty snack thrown in at night, depending on what I'm craving.

I'm not sure if the weight loss has anything to do with what I'm eating and/or how much OR if it's just because the retention from stopping the HCTZ is easing up and/or weening from the prednisone is helping. I might never know.

But I will say that today, I feel lighter. Not just because I literally am, but because pretty soon, my body will be close to its natural state. I'm on half doses of prednisone that are about to go down to quarter doses. I have one shot of PIO left and two nights of progesterone capsules. Then, no more artificial hormones. And within another week, no more steroids.

Let's see what this body does when left to its own devices.


  1. I agree with your dr, stop weighing yourself! I know easier said than done but even if you adopted a super clean eating system right now you'd still be gaining which would be mind f*ck.

    Btw after these pregnancies let's try to lose weight together!! I did paleo before this oregnancy and lost 20 lbs, thinking about that again, but I got soooo sick of meat. Thinking about veganish maybe? I'm going to cut out dairy again for sure because I think eating dairy while bf contributed to my daughter's colic/reflux.

    1. Okay, I'm in. I did really good when I cut out most carbs (a modified Paleo, because I am unable to give up dairy). But you know, I want to be my healthiest self for Jellybean, so whatever it takes, I'm in.

  2. I have to admit I weigh myself every day or every second day with the same sort of morning routine as you. I think it is important though that while pregnant we just sort of let our bodies do what they need to do. Everyone is different with how they gain/when they gain/why they gain, and I think if we eat well (which you totally do!), then we are doing the best we can for ourselves and for the bubses. Odds are good that without the hormones you will lose a bit, and of course it will make you feel happier, closer to your goal of 0 net gain in the first trimester, but if your body has other ideas, please try not to be upset. Just keep eating well, and moving about, and you will be doing the best you can for your little one!

    I'd love to join you and Marianne in a post-pregnancy weight loss thing! It is a good idea! I can't stick to established diets because I am too picky an eater, but I can definitely eat healthier! And eventually I want to get back into jogging and hiking. I loves my naughty foods, but this whole gestational high blood pressure business has got me thinking more about my long term health too!

    1. I should have added a "However" between those first two kind of reads funny without I miss my morning coffee.

    2. You're cracking me up! I'm totally down for a post-preggo weight lost program. I want to be fit and active for Jellybean. I do hope that I'm able to breastfeed without problems because I hear that can help shed poundage. I'll take any assist I can get!

  3. Girl .... I can tell you a million times NOT to obsess about your weight but really - I know it's not going to make a difference. Any more than the DR telling you. You hear it - you process it - but it's hard to make changes to behaviors years in the making. I weight myself practically every day too. Not naked, but after I used the potty in the morning and before I eat or drink anything. But you can remind yourself that there is a witty baby growing inside you who needs all those little calories and you are allowed to give into your cravings, and once the baby is born - you can hard core get strict if you want :) HUGS!!!! Annissa ~ ICLW #5

    1. I really am trying. It's just that I've been obsessed with the scale for years now, and I knew I wasn't supposed to gain anything in the first trimester. So, you know. it's hard. (But thanks for the hugs!)